Extra Assam GK Notes for all Exam — Assam Police SI, Constables, PNRD, APSC and more

Important Extra Assam GK notes, common questions asked in every exam, you must know, Who wrote "Burhi Aair Xadhu",Who wrote Kadamkali ?

Extra Assam GK Notes —

Questions discussed here will boost up your level of confidence for any Government Exam and you will never have any doubts related to Assam Gk. All the questions will be based on the exam pattern. This question will also help you for last minute revision.

Assam GK Notes

28. Who wrote "Burhi Aair Xadhu"
Ans: Roxoraj Lakshiminath Bezbaruah.

27. Who wrote "O Mor Aponar Dex".
Ans: Roxoraj Lakshiminath Bezbaruah

26. Name the state Anthem of Assam
Ans: O Mor Aponar Dex

25. World Mental Health Day celebrated every year on
Ans: October 10

24.Notable works of Sitanath Brahma Choudhury
Ans: a. Kadamkali, b. Abegor c. Sokulu d. Fuleshwari Daimari

23. Airforce day is celebrated every year on
Ans: October 8.

22. Full form of GIS 
Ans: Geographical Information System

21. Name the scheme of Assam which aims at survey and mapping of residential properties in rural Assam using state of the art drone technology
Ans: Savamitva Scheme

20. Recipients of Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi Award 2021 ?
Ans: Dr. Niod Kumar Baruah, Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust Assam Branch, and Shillong Chamber Choir.

18. Mission Basundhara is under which department of Assam?
Ans: Revenue and Management Department

17. Who wrote Kadamkali ?
Ans: Sitanath Brahma Choudhary

16. Fara is a traditional garment of
Ans: Tiwa

15. Who is the singer of the famous song "Hastir Kanya".
Ans: Pratima Pandey Baruah

14. Assam Police Day is celebrated every year on 
Ans: 1st October

13. Judima is a traditional rice based wine of 
Ans: Dimasa

12. Martyrs of Quit India Movement from Assam
Ans: Madan barman & Rowtaram Koch

11. Dumer is a traditional garment of 
Ans: Mising

10. Poho is a traditional garment of 
Ans: Karbi

9. Rihsha is the traditional garment of
Ans: Dimasa

8. Who is the freedom fighter after whome the universal old age pensio scheme initiated by Government of Assam for senior citizens of the states has been named ?
Ans: Kushal Konwar

7. Jhumur dance is performed in which festival ?
Ans: Karam Puja

6. Who is popularly known as Mereng?
Ans: Indira Miri

5. Aronani is the traditional garment of
Ans: Bodo

4. Matsya Setu App is related to
Ans: Fish Farming

3. Who is the Father of White Revolution in India ?
Ans: Verghese Kurien

2. Pajar is a traditional garment of
Ans : Rabha

1. Name the Scheme introduced by the Government of Assam for Financial self reliance of women.
Ans : Orunadoi