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Green Oscar recipient from Assam

→ Dr. Purnima Devi Barman awarded - Whitley Gold award for 2024
→ awarded because of the exceptional dedication to protect the endangered greater adjutant also
Known as Hargila.

Whitley Gold award for 2024 → given in recognition of their outstanding contribution to conservation.

Yuzvendra Chahal cricketer

→ becomes the first bowler to take 200 wicket in IPL

Largest snake discovered in Gujarat

→ IIT Roorkee discovered fossil from a lignite mine
→ species - Vasuki Indicus

What is Llama 3?

Llama: large language model meta AI
→ family of LLMs introduced by Meta AI in Feb 2023

Rampage missile

→ air to surface
→ developed by Israel aerospace industries

Mount Erebus

→ located at Antarctica, Ross Island
→ active volcano

World Earth Day

→ April 22 every year
→ also known as International Mother Earth day
→ theme 2024: Planet vs Plastic

Longte festival in Arunachal Pradesh

→ celebrated by Nyishi tribe

Book: The law and spirituality reconnecting the bond

→ written by Prof. Raman Mittal and Dr. Seema Singh

Author Salman Rushdie

→ is set to release his memoir "KNIFE "
→ British- American author

BR Ambedkar

→ full name: Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar
→ The father of Indian constitution
first law minister of India
→ referred article 32 as soul of the Constitution and very heart of it
→ Annihilation of caste
→ Buddha or Karl Marx
→ The Untouchable: who are they and why they have become Untouchables.
→ The rise and fall of Hindu women
All India schedule caste federation (1942) )
The Independent Labour Party (1936)
Bahishkrit Hitkarini Sabha (1923)
Important Journals
Janata (1930)
Samatha (1929)
Bahishkrit Bharat (1927)
Mooknayak (1920)

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

→ estb: 1949, 4 April
→ total member: 32, Sweden (cap: Stockholm) is 32nd member
→ HQ: Brussels, Belgium

Capital of Iceland

→ Reykjavik

Satpura Tiger Reserve

→ location Madhya Pradesh

UK's first women High commissioner to India

→ Lindy Cameron


→ new year celebrated in Sikkim

Occurrence of tides in sea

→ due to gravitational force of the sun
→ due to gravitational force of the moon
→ due to gravitational force of the Earth

61st constitutional ammendment Act 1989

→ voting age reduced to 18 from 21 years

Sittwe Port

→ located on Kaladan River of Myanmar


→ currency: Euro
→capital: Bratislava

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

→ location: Chandigarh

URAL River

→ location Russia and Kazakhstan
→ continental boundary between Asia and Europe.

ZIG currency

→ a new gold-backed currency issued by Zimbabwe
→ ZIG means " Zimbabwe gold "
→ Zimbabwe →→ capital: Harare →→ currency: Zimbabwe dollar

First private bank to open branch in Lakshadweep

→ HDFC Bank 
→ at Kavaratti island in Lakshadweep

Largest importer of Russian crude oil

→ China has overtaken India as the primary importer of Russian crude Oil through sea routes.
→ currency of China - Renminbi, Chinese yuan.

Suvidha portal

→ launched by ECI- Election Commission of India

National women's hockey league

→ first time in India in April 2024
→ held at Ranchi.

Neptis philyra

→ rare butterfly species
→ found at subansari district of Arunachal Pradesh.
→ Talle Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.
→ hockey stick pattern.

Global unicorn index 2024

→ USA top position, 2nd China, 3rd India with 67 unicorns

John L “Jack” Swigert Jr Award 2024 for Space Exploration

→ awarded to ISRO, Chandrayaan 3 mission team

India's first underwater metro Service

→ Kolkata, below Hooghly river

India's first Dolphin Research centre

→ Patna, Bihar

Pandavula Gotta Geo heritage site

→ Telangana

World hepatitis Day

→ 28 July
→Hepatitis causes damage to liver

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