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Assam Police Constable AB UB Study Materials on Assam History

200 + Assam History MCQ's for Assam Police Constable 2021 [Part 2]

Most common question of Assam History asked for Assam Police Constable Exam also in any competitive exam of Assam. You can read the following questions to crack any competitive exam where Assam History is asked.

Here is a 200 + Questions and Answers of Assam History in MCQ format for Assam Police Constable candidates to read and practice. These question are most common and frequently asked question in previous exam. So, it becomes very important to know all of these. Also these are the most Expected Question from Assam History.

Most Expected Question of Assam Police Constable [Part 2]

41. Who was the progenitor of the Koches ? 

(a) Vishwa Singha 
(b) Naranarayan
(c) Chilarai
(d) Haria Mandal

42. The Persian chronicle Fathiya-i-Ibriya was compiled by

(a) Mirza Nathan 
(b) Shahib-ud-din Talish 
(c) Mir Jumla
(d) Babur

43. The 350 miles long Gohain Kamal Ali was from Koch Behar to

(a) Sala
(b) Charaikhorong 
(c) Narayanpur
(d) Garhgaon

44. The battle of Saraighat was fought between

(a) The Ahoms and the Kacharies
(b) The Mughals and the Koches
(c) The Bhuyans and the Koches
(d) The Ahoms and Mughals

45. In 1563, when the Koches reached the Ahom Capital, the king Sukampha fled to

(a) Charai Khorong 
(b) Narayanpur
(c) Mechagarh
(d) Abhayapur

46. The Tai Ahom name of Bamuni Kowar was

(a) Sudangpha
(b) Sujangpha
(c) Subinpha

47. Name the Ahom king who married the Koch princess Mongaldoi 

(a) Suhungmung 
(b) Sukiengmung 
(c) Sukhampha
(d) Surampha

48. The post of the Barpatra Gohain was created by 

(a) Sukapha
(b) Sudangpha
(c) Suhungmung
(d) Supatpha

49. In which year was the treaty of Ghilajhari Ghat signed?

(a) 1962
(b) 1663
(c) 1669
(d) 1681

50. The battle of Saraighat was fought in

(a) 1616
(b) 1618
(c) 1671
(d) 1681

51. The battle of Saraighat 1671, the Ahom Army was commanded by Lachit Barphukan, and the Mughals were led by

(a) Mir Jumla
(b) Allah Yar Khan
(c) Askar Khan
(d) Ram Singha

52. The Mughal general who occupied Gargaon was

(a) Mirza Nathan 
(b) Abu Bakar
(c) Raja Ram Singh 
(d) Mir Jumla

53. To whom did Laluk Sola Barphukan surrender Guwahati?

(a) Shaista Khan
(b) Minnawar Khan
(c) Prince Azamtara
(d) Wazir Zafar Khan

54. The Jaysagar tank was excavated by

(a) Godadhar Singha 
(b) Rudra Singha
(c) Siva Singha
(d) Rajeswar Singha

55. In Ramayana, it is stated that Amurtaraj founded the kingdom of

(a) Darrang
(b) Koch Behar 
(c) Srihat
(d) Pragiyotisha

56. The temple of Umananda was built by

(a) Godadhar Singha 
(b) Rudra Singha 
(c) Siva Singha
(d) Pramatta Singha

57. Name the Foreigner who recorded in his accounts that he came to Kamo-lu-po

(a) Yuan Chwang
(b) Plotery
(c) Alberuni
(d) Sir Edward Cait
58. King Biswa Singha's father was 
(a) Nilambar
(b) Haria Mandal
(c) Dharmanarayan
(d) Malladeva

59. Which is the seat of leaning astronomy or astrology 

(a) Charaidew
(b) Saumara
(c) Pragjyotishpur
(d) Kamrup

60. The English traveller who visited the Koch Kingdom under Naranarayan in 1585 was 

(a) Ralph Fitch
(b) Tavemier
(c) Bemier
(d) Nicolo Conti 

61. Sridurjaya was the capital of

(a) Ratnapala
(b) Bhaskar Varman
(c) Rodra Singha
(d) Niti Pal

62. King Naranarayan died in the year

(a) 1580)
(b) 1582
(c) 1585
(d) 1587

63. The Pasupatinath tample Inscription in Nepal refers to "Gaudradi Kalingkashala Pati" Who 

(a) Yasovarman 
(b) Sri Harsha Deb (of Kamrupa)
(c) Sushitavarman
(d) Vajradeba

64. Raghudeba was the son of

(a) Naranarayan
(b) Chilarni
(c) Biswa Singha
(d) Haria Mandal

65. Who deciphered the bargnon Copper-plate of Ratnapala?

(a) Dr. S.K. Bhuyan
(b) EG Glazie
(c) M. Kosh
(d) Dr. Hoemle

66. The residence of the well-known Kamrupi poet of Sixteenth century Chandrabharati was at

(a) North Guwahati 
(b) Kamakhya
(c) Umananda
(d) Tezpur

67. Darrangraj Vansavali is by

(a) Baladev Suryahkari Doibojna
(b) Pandit Vidyavinod
(c) Kaviratna Saraswati
(d) Durgabor Kayastha

68. Famous Kamrupi poet Hema Saraswati Flourished during the reign of

(a) Dharmanarayan
(b) Naranaryan
(c) Durlabhnarayan
(d) Vaidyadeva

69. From which victorious battle came did Bhaskarvarman issue the famous Nidhanpur Copper-plate grant? 

(a) Karnasuvarna 
(b) Pundravardhan 
(c) Gauda
(d) Kamrupa

70. Sankardeba was brought up by his grandmother named 

(a) Khersuti
(b) Hira
(c) Sadhani
(d) Jira

71. What gift did Yuan Chwang accept from Bhaskarvarman?

(a) Chattar
(b) Chameri
(c) Ho-la-li (a cap of fur) 
(d) Si-yu-ki

72 Ratnamala composed by Purusottam Vidyavagish is a work on ?

(a) Grammar
(b) Poetry
(c) Astrology
(d) Novel

73. In Si-yu-ki by Yuan-Chawang records that the circumference of Kamrupa was about 

(a) 1701 miles
(b) 1600 miles
(c) 1750 miles
(d) 1700 miles

74. Sankardeva's popular work is

(a) Katha Gita
(b) Kirtan Ghosha
(c) Bhakti Ratnavali
(d) Katha Bhagavat

75. During Bhaskarvarman's reign, the royal treasury was in charge of an officer called

(a) Ban Bhandara Barus 
(b) Utkhetayita
(c) Bhanadaragaradhikara
(d) Nagar Brahman

76. One of the disciples of Sankardeva was 

(a) Naranarayan
(b) Chand Khan
(c) Mahendra Narayan 
(d) Madhav Kandali

77. During Bhaskarvarman's reign the flourishing industry in Kamrupa was 

(a) furniture and cane work 
(b) boat building
(c) arrow making
(d) making of malasses

78. The Gohain Kamal Ali runs form

(a) Kaliabor to Goalpara 
(b) Sadiya to Dhubri
(c) Koch Behar to Narayanpur
(d) Guwahati to Goalpara

79. Who was the Kamrupa rular who left his seal at Nalanda? Comment you Answer below

(a) Bhagadatta
(b) Balavarman
(c) Ratnapals
(d) Bhaskarvarman

80. The name of the of capital of Harjaravarmadeva was

(a) Hatapeswara or Harupeswara
(b) Samatata
(c) Sri Hatta
(d) Chandrapuri

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